Filing a Insurance Claim – 7 Steps To Follow


It’s simple to file an insurance claim when you’ve a Kansas small business insurance plans! You don’t need to be intimidated by the terminology or even the process. Whenever you were searching for the most effective policy, you probably previously found an agent you can trust. And today you have to file a case, the agent of yours is able to help walk you through the task and respond to some inquiries you may have in the process.

There are a few steps you are going to need to go by to be able to file a company insurance claim.

Step one: Notify The Insurance Company of yours. If perhaps the business of yours suffers a loss, or even if the property is destroyed, the very first action of yours is contacting the insurance company of yours. You must additionally speak to your insurance company right away if a person has filed a lawsuit against you or maybe the company of yours. If some kind of a crash or criminal activity is associated with the incident, you need to additionally notify the area police.

Step two: Review The Policy of yours. Take a number of moments to discuss the business insurance policy of yours. Now that you’re filing a claim, it’s particularly critical that you know what the obligations of yours are along with the obligations of the insurance company of yours.

Step three: Evaluate the Loss. Put together a summary of anything that was lost, damaged, and taken. This could facilitate the claims process and any police reports you might need to file.

Step four: Locate Appropriate Documents. You are going to need all of the proof of yours of ownership documents and any receipts which pertain to the current claim of yours. In case you’re engaged in a legal dispute, you need to additionally collect some documents pertaining to additional persons active in the lawsuit.

Step five: Put it in Writing. Once you are making your original call to the insurance company of yours, you need to follow up with a written notice of the case of yours. It will be ideal for you to send out copies of the files of yours to the insurance company through registered mail. This particular way, someone in the company is going to have to sign for all the documents, along with a receipt is returned for you that demonstrates the documents of yours have been delivered and also received. The receipt will additionally enjoy a date as well as time stamp on it, that will likely be helpful when there’s actually a query concerning time type active in the case.