How Can A Massage Help Me Sleep?

It is among our natural tendencies to rub someone if they are having a hard time sleeping. One of the concrete examples to back up this claim is the way we gently stroke the head of babies, or rub their backs to create them fall asleep. Admittedly, rubbing or touching is a natural and instinctive way to soothe and relax. And isn’t it that rubbing and touching is what a massage is all about?

There are various articles and scientific journal entries that discuss what sort of massage, massage therapy, or massage therapy can help us relax. Even just one session of massage therapy already has an effect on our body and how it works. This is actually the picture: humans are born with a parasympathetic and sympathetic autonomic nervous system. Both of these balances each other out. When we are stressed, our sympathetic system is activated making us feel the urge to fight, flight, or move restlessly. Alternatively, whenever we have a massage, our parasympathetic system is activated allowing our bodies to relax. What is the connection between this and our topic? To put it simply, common sleep disorders are usually due to stress and tension. And when these are the reasons why you are not sleeping perfectly every night, then you may be pleased to know that among the benefits of massage therapy is improved sleep patterns. And this is true. In fact, there are some people who actually drift off whilst having a session at their massage spa.

Quite a number of folks have claimed that they have slept well after receiving regular sessions of massage therapy and reflexology. Several studies also support the claim on what massage therapy does a lot more than reducing incidences of back pain, body pain, and headaches. These studies also showed that massage therapy also helped patients sleep better because of lessened anxiety and depression. Another interesting massage study reported that critically ill patients claimed experiencing improved sleep patterns, both in the product quality and quantity of sleep, compared to those patients who received only relaxation exercises.

So whether you are experiencing sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, or restless leg syndrome, there exists a therapeutic massage technique which can help you. According to a specialist massage therapist from leading massage spa in Sarasota, Florida, people increasingly avail of their Swedish massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, deep tissue massage, and reflexology services because they want to be soothed and relaxed.

Here are the basic description of each therapeutic massage treatment:

– Swedish massage is a therapeutic massage technique that uses variations of long gliding strokes, kneading, and friction techniques on surface muscles. Strokes used in Swedish massage generally goes with the direction of blood flow toward the center. Swedish massage is commonly availed by people who really wants to experience relaxation, improve circulation and flexibility, and also relieve muscle tension.

– Deep tissue massage is a massage therapy technique targeted at achieving the muscles way below the surface level. Chronic patterns of muscular tension usually happens at the deep connective tissues and this may be the area targeted by deep tissue massage. By using slow strokes, direct and firm pressure, as well as friction techniques directed across the area of the body experiencing chronic muscle pain, deep tissue massage works well in relieving chronic muscular tension and pain.

– Sports massage is a massage therapy technique that uses massage strokes much like those used during a Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. The difference is that sports massage is specially adapted to deal with the consequences of athletic performance on your body, as well as the needs of athletes regarding training, performing, and recovery from injury.

– Pregnancy massage is a therapeutic massage technique specially adapted to match the delicate conditions of soon to be mothers. It uses the gentlest types of massage strokes. A chance signal form a physician is necessary before a woman can avail of pregnancy massage. Pregnancy massage is quite effective in relieving back pain, leg cramps, along with other discomforts associated with pregnancy.

How Can A Massage Help Me Sleep?
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